Improve Risk Assessment with API RBI Version 10 – E2G Delivers the API RP 581 3rd Edition Technology

by Valerie Magyari / Jeremy Aufderheide / Katherine L. Kennedy / October 2016


E2G’s API RBI Version 10 in PlantManager™ was released in October 2016. The new release is fully compliant with API RP 581, 3rd Edition. This webinar will highlight key differences in the new version, including significant changes published in the 3rd Edition document. Valerie Magyari and Jeremy Aufderheide will give an RBI technical presentation and API RBI v10 software demonstration of related topics, including an overview of the software and updates to risk matrices, the inspection plan output, the Level 2 consequence model, internal and external corrosion, general settings, and RBI for PRDs.

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