Equity Engineering Practices

Best Practices, Maintained by Us and Customized by You!

The Equity Engineering Practices® (EEPs) are a collection of detailed and customizable Best Practices integrated with a customizable management system provided to satisfy the requirements of Process Safety Management (PSM). Originally developed over two decades ago, the EEPs have been used on countless capital and maintenance projects across multiple industry segments and have been continuously updated and expanded to align with changing RAGAGEP requirements and customer needs.


What sets the EEPs apart is that they customized by you and are maintained by E2G. This means each aspect of the product, including technical content, is fully customizable to meet your needs and preferences.


Key Functions

With the ability to customize, the EEPs give organizations the ability to:


  • Promote Safety and Improve Reliability – by defining the corporate rules for success
  • Capture Corporate Memory – by documenting knowledge and lessons learned in one common location
  • Transfer Knowledge – by providing Corporate Memory in one location for all to access, share, and learn from each other
  • Save Money – by allowing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to focus on their primary tasks, while also utilizing Life Cycle Management to consider all costs associated with design considerations – such as long-term reliability


What are EEPs? Benefits of EEPs