Equity Engineering Practices


The EEPs are not just a document library — they are a customizable system that we work with you to develop, implement, and maintain for years to come.


We are able to offer complete customization because each company gets their own EEPs collection. Upon purchase, our base collection is copied, branded, and customized to look and feel like your Best Practices collection. E²G’s technical team will create a customized, access-controlled website to provide the information. No new software is needed, and the EEPs are available anywhere you have access to the Internet; including your mobile devices.


Whether you choose to use the EEPs out of the box or modify the collection prior to use, we will work with you to develop a customized implementation plan that includes the following:

  • Initial customization efforts
  • Development of a Management System
  • Piping Database alignment
  • Customized on-site training
  • Document review plans
  • Legacy collection reviews and consolidations
  • Piping cross-references to legacy piping classes



Once implemented, the collection is maintained by SMEs who will propose updates to maintain alignment with ever changing RAGAGEP requirements. You choose to accept, modify, or reject these proposed changes; and no matter the decision, we will continue to maintain your document to keep it evergreen.


Industry leadership

The EEPs are maintained by a number of industry leaders:

  • E²G SMEs with decades of experience and who are heavily involved in industry committees – learn about them here.
  • Experienced consultants, many who have recently retired from major corporations in a number of different industries
  • Partnering Companies that provide additional expertise and practical insight:
    • Advanced Industrial Services (AIS)
    • Aspen Aerogels
    • Baker Risk
    • Chinook CP
    • FCx Performance
    • Guardian Equipment
    • HGC Engineering
    • International Paint
    • Kenexis
    • Kordalski Architects
    • NobelClad
    • Oil Terminal & Marine Consultants
    • Separation Solutions



  • Variety of industries:
    • Refining – Currently being used by 36% of active US refining facilities!
    • Petrochemical
    • Chemical/Specialty Chemicals
    • Nitrogen/Fertilizer
    • Pipeline
    • Midstream
    • Asphalt
    • Biofuels


With a customizable management system, the EEPs can be structured to fit your needs. The EEPs are currently being used as single-site as well as large multi-site corporate solutions.


“On a higher plane than anything out there… what’s important is that they’re dynamic – you can update them because there’s a feedback mechanism… They are quite detailed. I can actually purchase items with these practices, without needing to specify things separately.”    – Project Manager, Major Gulf Coast Refinery


“What I like is that I can call the expert at E2G any time who wrote the Practice and can get an explanation of why a particular requirement is in there. These guys are involved in all of the industry committees and know what’s happening. Their business is to serve customers like me. They’re not a refining competitor or an E&C company trying to sell me on their next job…”    – Reliability Engineering, West Coast Refinery

Engineering Practices What are EEPs?



If you are interested in learning more, we will work with you and your team to see if E²G’s customizable EEPs are the best solution for your company. Contact us today to discuss, learn more, and receive a website demonstration!