Field Services

Vibration Measurement and Analysis

Equipment and piping vibration can be a challenging problem for processing facilities to deal with. E2G has extensive experience in the identification of root cause of vibration and evaluation of systems to mitigate damage.
E2G also provides state of the art measurement tools and services to obtain vibration data. Learn more about vibration analysis.

Shutdown Support

E2G can provide onsite (or remote) engineering support for your major maintenance turnarounds. Our engineers have extensive experience with inspection, evaluation, repairs, and remaining life assessments for equipment and can help in several different ways:

  • Triage during inspection discovery
  • FFS evaluation

Act as an extension of your own maintenance engineering staff

Buckeye Sampler™

In addition, E2G’s cutting-edge Buckeye Sampler™ enables sampling of materials from in-service components for metallurgical and mechanical testing. Watch the Buckeye Sampler™ video below:

Download Buckeye Sampler Brochure

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