Flare Header & Relief Piping Analysis (Flare Radiation)

Ensure Overpressure Protection

Clients contact E2G|The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. to evaluate process equipment overpressure protection, relief device sizing, and flare header hydraulics. Based on thorough review, our engineers can recommend changes to the equipment, piping, relief devices, and relief header system as warranted ensuring proper overpressure protection.

Flare Header and Relief Piping Analysis includes the following:

  • Evaluate relief devices utilizing client’s heat and material balances, process flow diagrams, piping and instrumentation diagrams, operating data, equipment and control valve datasheets, purchasing and maintenance records, and client field-verified data
  • Evaluate each overpressure scenario and the respective relief device for acceptability and recommend corrective actions
  • Model the hydraulics of the relief scenarios in the flare header to determine backpressures at the respective relief devices
  • Identify relief devices and piping segments with excessive backpressure and recommend corrective actions
  • Perform structural assessment of flare header or relief piping for compliance with ASME codes
  • Determine whether flare radiation levels are acceptable on the ground or at nearby platforms


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