Process Safety Management

The oil and gas industry face process risks on a daily basis. While the desire for safety is instinctive, finding the best method of promoting safe operations is not. Companies not only need to keep their employees safe, but they must also minimize the danger their operations pose to the general public and natural environment. While these issues cannot be totally eliminated, E2G|The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. assists clients in strengthening process technology systems to protect and add value to their people, equipment, and organization.


Risk and safety management systems provide a disciplined means to identify, quantify, and manage various process safety risks. These systems support informed decision-making and allocation of competent resources to protect and enhance client assets, image, and objectives through safer and improved operational efficiency.


The Process Technology Group at E2G uses advanced technologies and industry experience to help our clients evaluate the operational and man-made risks within their facility. Through engineering-based and field-proven methods, we offer our clients practical process management systems and solutions.


From single incident identification to a complete safety culture assessment, our Process Technology Group helps businesses meet regulatory requirements and keep their employees and the public safe.


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