Relief System Studies QA/QC Program

Relief Device QA/QC

Adequately designed, installed, and maintained Pressure Relieving Systems and their documentation are a critical part of a facility’s Process Safety Management program. E2G|The Equity Engineering Group offers assurance of compliance with OSHA, DOT, API, and ASME requirements by using generally accepted good engineering practices for overpressure protection in industry facilities.

A relief device QA/QC program includes the following:

  • Review existing relief device calculations and specifications based on ASME and API requirements, including PRD sizing and installation assessment (inlet/outlet pipe sizing and routing)
  • Review the Owner/Operator PRD standard for compliance with DOT, ASME, and API requirements and guidelines
  • Review and revise scenarios or develop new scenarios, as required
  • Review P&IDs for adequate depiction of relief devices and their routing


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