Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) Implementation and Ongoing Program Management

As plants are facing stricter regulatory requirements, they still need to control costs and maintain equipment reliability. Through the inspection planning process, an ongoing API RP 581 program enables plant management to maintain a managed-risk and cost-effective operating environment.
The goal is to optimize inspection-related activities for equipment using updated technologies and RBI software capabilities, enabling plants to achieve the following:

  • Optimize maintenance scheduling
  • Prioritize equipment inspection
  • Focus inspection dollars on the most critical areas
  • Extend inspection intervals of low-risk equipment
  • Facilitate run/repair/replace decisions


The API RBI deliverable provides a recommendation for each equipment component that takes into account applicable damage mechanisms, a quantitative risk calculation and recommends an inspection schedule based on risk.

Developing a Solid Inspection Plan

Your priority is maintaining the integrity and validity of your RBI program; our priority is leveraging E2G’s expertise in keeping your RBI data accurate and updated. We do not simply enter data; we understand what that data means and the impact it can have on the safety, reliability, and profitability of your facility.


E2G’s  RBI experts can assist you with API RBI software or your preferred software platform. You can expect the same quality, service, and technical support E2G is known for delivered by our team of RBI, Materials & Corrosion, and FFS experts. By performing quality assurance checks throughout the RBI implementation process, we are able to identify issues that require further investigation. Most importantly, we have a dedicated team of Materials & Corrosion experts with hands-on refinery experience, with our engineers having an average of 29 years of industry experience.



E2G has supported the implementation of RBI programs for many refineries in North America. Initially, these programs are very successful but may struggle years later with ongoing program management. E2G has demonstrated success with major North American refineries and has kept their RBI continuously updated through a combination of on-site and off-site support.

E2G provides the following on-site and off-site support to manage RBI programs in any software package:

  • Managing the creation and editing of new or existing equipment
  • Entering and grading new inspection histories
  • Providing expert knowledge and experience related to the complexities of an RBI program
  • Providing access to materials and corrosion expertise
  • Providing RBI inspection recommendations

Our support and expertise can help keep your RBI data accurate and up-to-date, which will maintain the integrity and validity of your RBI program. We offer wide ranges of assistance customizable to fit any facility’s needs, including a combination of on-site and remote support. If your RBI program needs updating on a short or long-term basis, contact us to develop solutions for your plant.

You Run The Show

  • Your platform
  • Your policies
  • Your philosophies
  • OUR Expertise to ensure Industry Best Practice

Download RBI Case Study: Fixed Equipment


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