Rock Lee, P.E.

Staff Engineer I

Years of Experience:  11

Education and Licenses:


  • Bachelor of Science, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, September 2006, State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo
  • Master of Business Administration, May 2012, University of Houston-Victoria
  • P.E. (Texas) Mechanical Engineer


Area of Specialization:


  • Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) on Refinery and Petrochemical Equipment
  • Equipment Condition Monitoring – Vibration Analyzer and Ultrasound
  • Equipment Installation and Start-up – Project Management




Mr. Lee is an RBI Engineer for E2G’s Risk-Based Inspection group.  He has had extensive API training, including API RP 580, 581, 571, and 579 courses, and is qualified to work on and manage RBI projects.  Mr. Lee is currently responsible for entering all relevant data into the API RBI module of PlantManagerTM, performing data quality checks, and interpreting and presenting the results of an RBI assessment.  He also prepares RBI inspection plans, final reports, and other key deliverables.


Mr. Lee is a specialist in extracting data from many types of formats of varying, and often poor, quality (eg. paper documents, pictures, PDF files) and converting them into legible, logical structures.  He also develops analytical applications to reveal patterns, trends, and insights that help clients make better decisions.


Prior to joining E2G, Mr. Lee was a mechanical engineering supervisor in a manufacturing plant where he oversaw day-to-day plant maintenance work. He was trained extensively in vibration analysis and ultrasound techniques that allowed him to evaluate the condition of machinery and detect the early stages of equipment failure.


Furthermore, Mr. Lee managed several projects involving retrofitting old extrusion equipment.  These projects included redesigning the equipment’s configuration and changing the plant layout. He was responsible for modifying the components, local fabrication, and re-assembly of the equipment and also designed piping layouts and managed the complete fabrication and erection of this piping.


In addition to his duties as supervisor, Mr. Lee worked closely with the safety department to resolve safety hazards and complaints to ensure the plant met OSHA, TCEP, and GMP standards and was an instructor for fire and electrical hazard training courses.