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Built by Experts

Software by E2G|The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. offers state-of-the-art tools you need to make the right decisions in keeping oil, refining and petrochemical plants safe and operating at top capacity. E2G’s software was created by our own industry-leading engineers to assist in our consulting practices since 2002.
The software plays a key role in the delivery of expert analysis by our consulting practices. Our experts are dedicated to advancing the technology, serving as leaders in industry committees (API/ASME 579, API 581, 520, ASME B 313.3) and continually improving the software with the latest committee approved changes often before they have been published.

Our PlantManager Platform gives you seamless integration and interoperability with our other software products:


  • Advanced analysis tools for fitness-for-service, equipment construction codes, material tools, fixed heat transfer, stress analysis, and specialty in service evaluation of safety.

API RBI Software

  • The only software truly compliant with the API RP 581 quantitative RBI method.


  • Quick reference guide to API RP 571 and WRC 489. Now with the ability to incorporate your custom process flow diagrams.


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