Get Actionable Information Out of Your Mountains of TML Data

Companies commit huge amounts of resources to gathering TML data. Without a valid method for synthesizing that data into actionable information, the effort is in vain. CMLWise from E2G|The Equity Engineering Group, Inc., offers three different standard statistical methods plus E2G’s proprietary WISE rate to calculate a corrosion rate.


Corrosion Rate Calculation Software Can Blend Expert Opinion With Field Data

CMLWise is an integrated thickness management system that runs in E2G’s PlantManager platform. It can be used as a stand-alone management tool or linked with E2G’s risk-based inspection software, API RBI. When linked to API RBI, geometry, material data, and T-Min from components can be pulled into data for linked circuits. CMLWise can push the calculated corrosion rate back to the component for use in risk calculations. CMLWise integrates with dataloggers to quickly gather NDT data.




Know Whether Your Thickness Readings Are Reliable

CMLWise offers the WISE method for rate calculation as a reliable means of blending expert opinion with actual field data.


WISE Method – Wisdom Incorporated into Standard Estimators

In addition to standard thickness estimators, CMLWise uses the WISE method for gaining insight and confidence that recorded field measurements agree with. WISE distribution graphs give a quick visual comparison of the estimated and calculated distributions. The WISE method combines statistical methods with expert opinion so you can easily determine whether your thickness measurements are valid. Improper NDT techniques can result in poor thickness measurements. The WISE method gives you a clear graphical indication of whether your readings are outside the expected range.


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