PlantManager allows you to answer the following questions:

  • WHERE do I need to look?
  • WHAT action do I need to take or what action was taken?
  • WHY is the action necessary?
  • WHEN do I need to take action?

API RBI and SagePlus are delivered in E2G’s PlantManager™ platform. Capable of running locally on the desktop or in enterprise client-server configuration, the four-tier architecture of PlantManager™ provides a scalable, flexible solution to connect unlimited servers, databases, calculators and clients. The platform supports integration with 3rd party software such as PCMS, Meridium APM, SAP, Maximo, Crystal Reports, MS SQL Server Reporting Services, etc. PlantManager™ is designed to natively manage all equipment types defined in API RP 581. A basic data set of design and operating conditions is available for each equipment and component and can be shared between PlantManager™ analysis applications.
Additionally, Plant Manager provides a framework for collaborative workflow, reliability and inspection specific document management, and efficient data management through such features as:


  • Collateral data – Store any type of file (doc, pdf, jpg, dwg, xls…) in the appropriate equipment context
  • External Links – Any external data may be linked remotely to reference files on a document management system or network location preventing unnecessary duplication.
  • Extensive meta-data system – incorporates status and workflow specific informational flags as well as detailed comments at every level.
  • BatchEditPlus – allows for seamless editing of similar fields across multiple equipment items, a unique alternative to typical external spreadsheet techniques.


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