Use SnapIMS to Manage the Full Spectrum of Inspection Activity

SnapIMS from E2G|The Equity Engineering Group, Inc. is a simplified Inspection Management System (IMS) that is quick and easy to set up. It is designed to provide cost-effective creation and management of the full spectrum of inspection activity throughout the equipment life cycle. It provides an ideal IMS for operations reluctant to purchase a complicated system that requires months of set-up time and implementation consultation.


SnapIMS allows for the following:

  • Managing all types of inspections easily
  • Assigning risk-based or interval-based inspections easily
  • Assigning risk-based or interval-based inspection recommendations to an upcoming Turnaround (shutdown) or on-stream inspection
  • Detailed scheduling, planning, and documentation
  • Obtaining inspection results FAST with the mobile “Briefcase” feature, where inspectors can record inspection results on a laptop or tablet
  • Integrating with other E2G PlantManager modules and allowing inspection results to be “evergreen” for use in risk assessment, FFS, and thickness management calculations


See the SnapIMS Briefcase Feature


SnapIMS Features

  • See all of your recommended inspections at a glance
  • Manage inspections from multiple sources
  • Risk-based inspection recommendations
  • Interval-based or jurisdictional inspection requirements
  • Condition-based inspection from TML or other data
  • Pre-populate your company’s inspection types and build your library with tasks you can add on the fly
  • Organize fixed equipment and circuits using PlantManager’s flexible platform
  • Enable risk-based inspections (RBI) and interval-based inspection (IBI) at the equipment level in PlantManager
  • Access SnapIMS from PlantManager at the Unit level to schedule recommended inspections
  • Create folders to store collateral files such as pdf, jpg, and xls
  • Connect to multiple databases simultaneously, allowing data to be dragged and dropped from one database to another


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